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What Is Lsat Writing Sample

LSAT Writing Sample Tutorial. Accommodations. About the LSAT Writing Sample. First. The Road Map. LSAT Writing Rules. What You Need. ID Specifications. Get Acquainted.

  • The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is a three-hour test created by the LSAC for law school admittance. The LSAT consists of the following sections: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, a writing sample. The fifth section is the experimental portion of the LSAT that is used by the LSAC to test questions for future exams.

  • The LSAT writing sample is only 35 minutes long, so it is important to get as much of your argument as possible on the page. Create a quick outline or list of the points you want to cover. While you’re writing make sure to stay on track with these points.

  • The LSAT writing sample exercise takes only 35 minutes and is administered once you complete the regular four sections of the test. This means that after 175 minutes of the mental effort, you’ll still need to muster.

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